Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Unschooling Government

Unschooling moment:

As we were driving to pick up my oldest daughter from play practice, my youngest daughter saw a left over political sign in a yard. Here in Ohio we just voted down Senate Bill 5 with Issue 2 on the ballot. She wanted to know what Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2 were.

So we got into a lengthy government discussion on how the people didn't like SB5 so they got enough signatures on a petition to put Issue 2 on the ballot. Then people voted on Issue 2. This was a great example of how we are truly a government ran by the people. etc.

Of course the conversation was a bit longer than this, but she came away satisfied and hopefully a little more understanding on how our government works here in Ohio. I'm sure our short conversation was more interesting than a lengthy chapter in a dry text book.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Unschooling Math - Yes it is possible!

Discussing in a Christian Unschooling group I follow...ways our children have discovered math on their own.

Wanted to share the following discoveries:

This afternoon my almost 8 yo son discovered multiplication! While talking about his cousin - who had his wisdom teeth extracted today, ds came to the conclusion that we had 16 wisdom teeth in our truck (4 kids x 4 wisdom teeth each = 16 wisdom teeth)! I reminded him about the "skip counting" he already knew (5, 10, 15, 20, etc) and how that was an example of multiplication. He recognized a pattern and figured it out! Through more conversation, he realized that 5 x 3 and 3 x 5 are the SAME! Just like 20 + 10 and 10 + 20 are the same! VERY COOL! LOL! We also talked about the commutative property for addition and multiplication.

My youngest (10 yo) discovered multiplication when we were playing Yahtzee.....recently discovered division while we were shopping and trying to figure out how much one box of cereal is when they are advertised 4 for $10. AND then I point out, every time we do money we are using decimals too. SO not only did she learn division she learned dividing a decimal too. :)

Recently my 12 year old, who has always been good with numbers, decided to check out a math website, she spent hours with math problems, some story problems, some pre-algebra. It was so simple for her. I keep thinking, are you bored yet, doing problem after problem, with no reason behind it? Yet, at the same time, liking how well she did, and her drive to complete the task she set for herself.

Thank you families!