Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Back :)

OK - SO I took a long break from my blog so lots has happened.  We basically scaled back on everything to realign and re-evaluate our family's spending and budget needs.  Part of that was our home internet service.  So that is the reason for the long break, it's awfully hard to keep up a blog with short times online at the local library.

So I'm sure your wondering what's happened....so I'll be quick....

My Christian Life
My growth in my spiritual life has been taking off and I'm so excited to get to know our God and His son Jesus again.  I was baptized on Mother's Day in May 2010 and understand now so much more the meaning of being "born again."  I've been teaching Sunday School at church (Abundant Life Community Church) in our Kids Room (Grs 2-5).  I am currently the Costume Mistress for our church's community theatre's, (82nd Street Theatre) for the upcoming production of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe."

My Work Life
I've closed my travel agency.  I've worked some short term jobs from June to December.  Now we've decided, for the moment, I'm staying home.  Although, I am a Barefoot Books Representative and an Avon Representative.  Barefoot Books is a wonderful line of children's books that are beatifully illustrated and well written.  Of course, Avon, which I love all their products and believe no matter who you are or what your budget is Avon can meet your needs.

This year has been interesting.  Both girls went to Public School at the beginning of the school  year.  What brought me home is my oldest's daughter, who went to middle school (6th gr) and HATED it.  And sadly it wasn't the kids or the academics, it was the negative threats given by the teachers daily.  So I brought her back home in October.  My youngest (4th gr) loved school but part of our budget reduction included a new rental home that cost less, so when we moved in December she came home.  Both are loving it and so am I.  We are still following an eclectic style and I try not to look over too many different curriculum options.  When I start looking I start questioning yet things are going fine the way they are so I'm just going to keep going the way we are.

So there it is, and I hope you'll enjoy my upcoming posts.