Thursday, April 15, 2010

Free High School Curriculum Sites

As my daughter enters middle school I'm looking ahead to high school, Yikes!  This is the point where a lot of home school families stop and the child goes back to school...parents just don't think they can handle high school, transcripts and credits.  Well, I've done lots of research and I plan on going all the way with my children.  I want to be the one to issue that High School Diploma and be involved watching them take on more responsibility as they blossom into young adult ladies.  As a guide, we will be using Far Above Rubies by Lynda Coats. Here is where you can order Far Above Rubies.  Here is a very well written review by Martha Robinson.  

NOTE: Please consider purchasing Far Above Rubies here.  The author, Lynda Coats has been doing missionary work teaching the Native Americans in Arizona over this past school year.  She would like to continue her work in the fall.  By purchasing this curriculum by May 15th, not only will you help her continue this wonderful mission, you will receive 13 bonus items too.  Please see this link for more information. 

(Note: I do not receive any compensation for your purchase or for advertising this curriculum.)

I love free stuff, on our tight budget anything we don't have to pay for helps us tremendously.  So I've found the following links to FREE high school courses:

FHSST (Free High School Science Texts) is a project that aims to provide free science and mathematics textbooks for Grades 10 to 12 science learners in South Africa.  (Go to their "About" page for information on this awesome project.)  

(Free) Online High School Courses & Curriculum Materials offers links to other websites.  They  have links to high school classes on English, Math, Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Social Science/History, Science etc.  I have not investigated all the links available so please review them before sitting your child down with them.


glenda09 said...

That would be nice if they had elementary ones! :) Hi there! First I want to praise God you went back to Him! Could you imagine what would happen if when we backslide and God doesn't give us that next breath? We would regret it for all eternity! I'm glad you are enjoying your church! I love mine also! I go to a church called The Potter's House we have churches all over. You might have heard of them or they are called The Door.

Oh I really will help you with your weight. When I was at my heaviest my knee would hurt all the time.. there was no way that I could do jumping jacks because of it so I walked 30 min a day ( that was a lot for me) Then the following week walk the same distance but faster same with the following week. After the 1st month eating every 3 hours I lost 30 lbs. I'll be following you as well. If you have any questions just ask!!

mommyx12 said...

Thanks for posting your link on 3Rhomeschooling group. I"m excited to read over your blog.

mommyx12 said...

I used Far Above Rubies for my older girls. I really liked it. Then it sat on my shelf and I finally sold it. Not sure why I did that because I have 5 more daughters that could use it when they get older. I may look into it again in a couple years when they get older. said...

Yes, I is wonderful God is blessing you....awesome. As you can see I really like ur site=)

I hope youu don't mind...I plan to repost your article on my blog...but not all and send them your way...not sure if I will get to it tonitw...we'll see

Summers' Family said...

Please share. I share posts from and credit her as my source.

I love sharing information. :)