Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My awesome homeschool moment

I had to share this awesome homeschooling moment.....

I'm eclectic in my homeschooling style so school work yesterday was a field trip and today was  a day off for the holiday.  Now I've tried to be pretty relaxed in what we study - always trying to find things to do the girls will enjoy so it isn't so much of a chore.  We recently did some worksheets on the solar system, read a book on the moon and discussed it orally and currently we are working on a lapbook on the colonial days.  We follow a daily math curriculum too.

Now my youngest daughter hates to write...give her anything to do with writing and she complains and moans and groans.  Well....she just walked up to me and showed me a full paper front and back of writing.  She has taken a book we have called "The World of Animals" and I think she has wrote every fact about elephants she can find on this piece of paper.  She also says to me, I learned how to spell "Elephant" and successfully spells the word to me.  Now she is back out in the other room on a 2nd piece of paper writing more facts down.  WOW!  I never thought I'd see her write so much on her own.

I just had to share :)

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