Thursday, February 5, 2009

Teaching boys housework

The following post was discussed on another board.....

"Does anyone incorporate, for the girls, crocheting, knitting,
learning to use the washer/dishwasher etc.? and the same for the
boys, more in the 'boys' things?"

I shared the following response:

I just had to share this....

To give you some perspective on this story - my dad would have been 74 yrs old now.

My grandparents taught him to sew, cook, do his own laundry and expected him to do it. He lived at home until he was 29 and after he graduated high school had to pay his parents rent to live in their home. He also had to continue to help around the house including doing his own laundry.

I remember my dad repairing work clothes as we were growing up....sewing on buttons by hand and using the old pedal driven sewing machine to hem up his jeans (since my mother's machine didn't like the heavy denim).

My parents divorced - my dad started doing his own laundrey (again) and cooking his own food. He also shared with me family recipes his grandmother baked with him...we stayed up to midnight one time making a fried dough with powdered sugar he called Angel Wings.

Even my grandfather did laundry when my grandma got sick. He taught me to bake... bohemian bread, dumplings, etc. He helped my grandmother with the canning and gardening.

So...teaching and sharing housework not only teaches self sufficiency - for me it has become a treasured memory of people I love.


Angela said...

I love this story! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)


SummersHome said...

Thank you for the comment!

It's nice to see my blog is actually read by someone besides myself :)