Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vegetables and stuff

Ok - I'm definitely a city girl but I love fresh vegetables. So living in Cleveland we are very lucky to have a number of sources to get fresh vegetables. I'm participating in Lakewood Earth & Food Community (LEAF) which supports local agriculture. We specifically participate in City Fresh where we get fresh vegetable weekly. There is so much to write about this so I'm providing a link for your to go to and find out more information:

Why I bring this up.... I know very little on preserving and preparing fresh vegetables. I found the following site ( which gives directions on canning and freezing fresh produce. It also provides links to "pick your own" farms across the U.S.

So now I know how to freeze the peas I got. :)

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Kate said...

I am an extreme lurker on the 3 R homeschooling group. I read everything, but really don't post to anything.
I saw you were in Ohio so I thought I would check out your blog to see where you are and if you are close to me.
Surprise, surprise, I am in Cleveland as well! It is so neat to see someone else in my area who uses OFE.
I don't know if you are aware, but the county library does not limit the number of pages you can print off the computers and I have printed an awful lot of stuff there for free.
My blog is terribly out of date, but you can check it out to see who I am. Nice to meet you!